Thursday, 23 July 2015

Glacier Skywalk

From the moment I saw Glacier Skywalk attraction on the internet I knew I want to visit it. I have been craving for experiencing some contemporary architecture that for some strange reason seems to be lacking in this part of the world. I wouldn’t know what is the reason for that, obviously the money is here, so is the knowledge and talent, and if there was a lack of talent, at least in today’s world that shouldn’t be a problem –bring an architect from different part of the world.

Let me talk you through my skywalking experience … It was a sunny day in Jasper, started with eggs benedict and just a little too buttery Hollandaise sauce. But the ambience was nice and the company even better, so there shouldn’t be room for any complains. It takes you one hour or about 95 kilometers to get from Jasper to Glacier Skywalk, even though it seemed to me like it was much longer. On our way we took a couple of stops to take some pictures and enjoy the scenery, and on a hot day there’s nothing better than experiencing a bit of a water splash from Athabasca river falls. Previous day there was a lot of rain so the water was white instead of emerald green and crystal clear, but that hardly stopped us from enjoying the view.

After driving a little while and spotting no bears or mountain goats whatsoever, we finally reached the Glacier Skywalk. It is located on highway 93, and after reaching it, you have to drive 6 more kilometers to reach the Glacier Icefield Centre, where you can purchase tickets for a few attractions. That day was super busy and standing in line for half an hour wasn’t the highlight of my day. After that you’re waiting for the first available bus to take you back to the Skywalk, and I found this process a little too “touristy”. As the pictures are saying the same thing was when we came to the actual spot. A bunch of tourists waving with selfie sticks is not the experience I had in my mind, but there’s no point in complaining. Possibilities to take the picture alone on the Skywalk are very poor, maybe in the winter time, on a non-busy day. I have to admit that I liked how they nested a concrete and rusty metal snakelike structure in the rocks, it complimented the landscape. By walking through you’re passing by a few stands where the guides can explain to you about the wild life of the Jasper national park or geological evolution of the Canadian Rockies… There’s also a small theatre made of wood where people can gather to hear lectures about the place, how it was built, who created it, etc. However, we missed the last lecture, so I couldn’t tell you much about it, however, here’s a link to ArchDaily article about the whole structure:  

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Instagram recap

I was wondering how to organize this post with photographs I have been taking for almost two years now… Should I organize them thematically or just show randomly, just as I took them. Anyway it will be interesting for me, a sort of a personal diary post, and I hope some of you will be interested taking a peak into the places I have been, thing I have been doing. And maybe you will get a small preview of this huge country. So here goes...

Sunset at Elk National Park

Road-trip to Calgary

First hockey game and great seats at Rexal Place Edmonton. Go, Edmonton Oil Kings!

Chai tea at Remedy cafe in Edmonton, exotic spices and dried rose petals 

Alberta ballet, one of the shows at North Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) polytechnic, Calgary

From the visit to sunny Tofino

Christmas cupcakes from our Christmas office party at work

Inevitable visit to gorgeous Banff

Legislature building in Edmonton last autumn

Creative graffiti art in Calgary 

Willows (2014) by Marc Fornes in Borden Park, Edmonton

Downtown view from Muttart conservatory, Edmonton

Oyster burger, not the healthiest choice of food, but it was worth it

Old timers from Gasoline Alley Museum at Heritage Park in Calgary

Preparations for the Crashed Ice Red Bull event in Edmonton

View from the Vancouver tower

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Elk National Park

Nacionalni park Elk nalazi se istocno od Edmontona. Za posjetioce je otvoren tokom cijele godine, a pruza mogucnosti setanja, voznje bicikla, kajaka, kampovanja, skijanja, razgledanja prirode i divljeg zivota, pri cemu je najpopularniji kao staniste mnogobrojnih bizona. U sklopu parka nalazi se i golf teren, kao i Ukrajinska seoska kuca, koja predstavlja dio istorijskog naslijedja Kanade. Najbolje vrijeme za posjetu Elka jeste u periodu jeseni, kada je priroda najdarezljivija koloritom i samouvjereno se ogleda u Astotinskom jezeru.